Educational Resources Updated!

Educational Resources Updated!

We have added to our Resource Page -HFW in English and Spanish and a Symbaloo Page with helpful links to Recommended Apps, Reading Resources, Dual Immersion Educational Links and more ….


Twitter in the Classroom

A tweet is a 140 character message. My students will have an opportunity to use Social Media as a communicating tool to share what they have learned each week. This will also be written in Spanish to increase vocabulary and enjoy writing as a way to express their thoughts.
Tweet On!

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Have you learned something new today?

Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new. My profession gives me a chance to explore, discover, create and share about the world we live in. Today, I am discovering the world of blogging. I’ve never considered myself a good writer or a storyteller mainly because English is my second language. Now as I think about this, I can use this tool to organize my thoughts and write about Dual Language and Technology. The exciting part of  it is that I can always come back and read about my journey as an Educator.