My name is Gisel Barrett. I was born in Chula Vista, CA and raised in Tijuana, B.C., México. My primary, and secondary education was established in Tijuana and later came to San Diego to work on my College Degree. I graduated in May 2011 with a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a Bilingual Education Specialist Dual Credential from +SDSU Alumni

My passion for Dual Language Education comes from been raised in TJ/SD region. I have the fortune to be part of more than two cultures, the beauty and biodiversity they provide their residents. My parents gave me the  opportunity to learn English and Spanish  academically in Mexico which led me to reach my dreams to be a Bilingual Educator. Without their vision, I would not be here writing this blog in English.
My passion for Technology comes from the fascination of the arts, creativity, networking, and learning. I am always trying to find new opportunities to learn. Technology, internet, mobile devices and computers let me be creative, explore, network and learn about anything that I am interested in. I  recently started using  twitter to learn from other educators, leaders and mentors. I have increased my #PLN (Professional Learning Network) and gives me a new perspective in Education.
This blog (or any Web 2.0 Tools) will let me collaborate and share about  Dual Language and Educational Technology with Educators, Parents and Students.
Thanks for Reading!
-Maestra Barrett

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